aka King (please don't call me TROTK)

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in the TARDIS (I wish...)
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is saving worlds, rescuing civilizations, defeating terrible creatures and doing an awful lot of running.
  • I am yet another Wholockian.
  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    "Hello, all! The king has returned to reclaim his throne of bureaucracy! Except… damn, I can't see the throne through all this… fog… what's tha-"

    - Last known words of TheReturnOfTheKing before his mysterious disappearance.

    Seriously, though, hi everyone! I'm back! And not a moment too soon, it appears, for it doesn't look like anybody's here. It's kind of spooky…

    I feel that I left at a highly inopportune time, for which I apologize. The sabbatical didn't go well, and my goal of spending very little time on the iPad fell through, so I reasoned if I was going to spend lots of time on the iPad, I might as well do something productive. Therefore, I'm going back to editing here.

    I just want to tell you guys, the wiki looks awesome! Like, seriously,…

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