The Fog is vast, anomalous masses of matter that can be found in the form of liquids, solids, gasses and plasmatic substances that exist in pockets of various sizes throughout the Fogscape with a massive, singular "bank" located at the Raethia-Dark Space border. The Fog extends far beyond the Red Galaxy, but its true origin is unknown. For the past few millennia, the Fog has slowly been encroaching on the Red Galaxy, surrounding it and preventing any form of escape.

While not inherently dangerous to most lifeforms, the compositional elements of the Fog often have randomly occurring effects of a wide variety. Any attempts to combat the interstellar phenomena and halt its progress have all yielded no success. It has also been speculated that the Fog is sentient, or at the very least animate, though no proof of this exists. The primary threat the anomaly posses is the fact that it is very well suited for inhabitation and breeding of aberrant lifeforms and variants, and the aforementioned compositional elements seem to exponentially increase the likelihood of variation in lifeforms (native or not) and create ideal conditions for various plagues, diseases and other potentially dangerous phenomena.


Seubai (liquid)Edit

Tchuunass (solid)Edit

Caba (gas)Edit

Aberra (others)Edit










Aversion methodsEdit

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